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NEXT SHOW: World Ski & Snowboard Festival, April 15th 2017 - Support for Busta Rhymes

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Press and Marketing. The neccessary evils of an aesthetic world.

We have no discernible drug addictions, except fine wine. To book the band, contact us here.

The Leisure Principle play an eclectic mix of contemporary music with influences ranging from classical, pop, rock, soundtrack and avant garde.

With over 25 years live experience playing, from the Vancouver Symphony to sharing stages with David Lee Roth, Kid Rock and many more, you can expect us not to totally suck at your venue. Talent, of course, is subjective..

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03-04-17 - New single "Sorry" featuring Alpha Omega.


We just finished recording and making a video with our good friends Alpha Omega, who includes 4 x Juno Award winner Prevail of Swollen Members.


02-03-17 - Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival Supporting Busta Rhymes


Just announced today, we will be supporting Busta Rhymes at the Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, April 15th 2017!


01-01-17 - New Year, New Videos.


We have some live footage of our show from the Switch event at The Imperial in Vancouver, now up on the Youtube, proving that we actually play our instruments. Live Video Here


12-11-16 - The Leisure Principle officially Endorse Q Pickups.


We are proud to announce that we officially endorse Q Pickups. Q Pickups are makers of extremely fine guitar and bass pickups located in Croatia. Dave uses them exclusively in his CS Tele and custom builds.

Thank you to Tiho Pavlinović at Q Pickups!


09-30-16 - The Leisure Principle to perform at Switch, Nov 17th, 2016.


Well, we must of done something right, because we are very pleased and honored to announce we will be headlining Switch this year at The Imperial in Vancouver. What is Switch I hear you mumble, while eating a muffin and getting butter on your cuff?


Switch is a magical evening bringing together patrons of the arts with artists to support community-led renewal in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Put on by the Vancouver Community Arts Council. So, kind of important yeah? What's life with out art? Artless.


And Margaret Atwood said it best. "I'm heartless, I thought. Therefore I'm homeless."


09-25-16 - Joseph Boyden to perform live reading with The Leisure Principle at IOC benefit.


Well, looks like we're finally the kids at the cool table. After years of being scoffed at, laughed at and noogied by bullies, things have come full circle for us and now people actually like us. Probably because cool people want to play with us, like Order Of Canada recipient and man about town Joseph Boyden.


Joseph Boyden will be doing a live reading of his new novella, Wenjack. Wenjack is a story of a 12 year old Ojibwa boy, Chanie Wenjack, who flees a Canadian residential school to find his way home again. Wenjack is at once beautiful and heartbreaking, poignant and such a timely story, and we are honored to perform a musical tribute to Chanie's story as imagined through the spirit of Joseph, while Joseph reads excerpts from his novella.


09-23-16 - Prevail of Swollen Members to perform with The Leisure Principle at Instruments Of Change benefit.


Prevail, from the Juno award winning rap act Swollen Members, has kindly agreed to perform with us at the Instruments Of Change benfit on Oct 13th. And it only cost us $1,000,000 to have him! We are some lucky girls (guys, but sometimes we act a little girly) and galguy (well, she does looks like a sexy man) to have such rich talent with us. Hope we don't fuck it up.


Disclaimer. No artist was paid a million dollars to perform with us. No, really.


09-22-16 - Ben Mink to play with The Lesiure Principle at Instruments of Change benefit.


From KD Lang to Feist to Rush, Ben Mink has an incredible legacy of playing and producing some of the worlds' top artists. What the hell is he doing playing with us you might ask? Well, we don't know either, but ssshhh, maybe if you dont say anything you won't spook him. We feel very lucky indeed...


09-18-16 - David Spidel joins The Leisure Principle on bass, keys and percussion.


We are overjoyed to announce that our good friend David Spidel will be joining us! David has a rich musical background with many acts including Martone, The Living and Bif Naked to name a few. A seasoned stalwart of the Vancouver music scene, David brings an embrassment of riches to The Leisure Principle and we are honored and thrilled to have him.


09-16-16 - Cam Stephens joins The Lesiure Principle on drums, percussion.


We are delighted to welcome Cam Stepehens to the The LP camp as a skin beater. Even though he is young, he is fierce. Thanks for joining us Cam!


09-14-16 - Playing Instruments Of Change Charity Event at The Imperial, Vancouver, BC on Oct 13th, 2016.


We are in rehearsals for a show at The Imperial for the Instruments Of Change charity event.


08-12-16 - You'll Never Know Video Shoot


Filming the music video for You'll Never Know, a gritty and tense look at a descent into madness.


06-10-16 - Inside Out Video Shoot


Filming the music video for Inside Out, in stop motion. Very special thanks to Christie Norman for all of her amazing makeup, ideas and and for live animating the Barbies. Thanks to Helena Brecht for helping with the live anaimation.


05-10-16 - Ever Video Shoot


Filming the music video for Ever, featuring a wonderful ballet dancer from Vancouver Island Sasha Beardmore and with help from Celina Dalrymple and her wonderful location at Fabulous Furnishings in Vancouver. Currently editing.


04-04-16 - Hallelujah Video Shoot


Filming the music video for Hallelujah was a blast, so we're off to make another for the song "Secret Heart". By the way, we make everything ourselves, from recording the songs to making the music videos, with a little help from friends and family.


02-03-16 - Recording and Rehearsal


After playing some shows, time to get back in the studio to record some new songs and do some music videos.

Secret Heart


The Leisure Principle


Inside Out



You'll Never Know